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Succession Planning
Outplacement Assistance

Succession Planning

A succession plan identifies future staffing needs and the people with the skills and potential to perform in these future roles. We will work with your staff to:

  • Identify critical positions and highlight potential vacancies within your organization

  • Select key competencies and skills necessary for business continuity

  • Identify any current internal candidates

  • Develop training plan for internal candidates (leadership, certifications, advanced degrees, etc.) to meet future business needs

  • Develop recruitment pipelines for external candidates

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Outplacement and Downsizing Assistance

Give employees peace of mind and reduce your unemployment costs. Help employees affected by terminations and layoffs transition to a new career by helping them:

  • Take personal assessments to identify strengths and areas of interest

  • Write or update their resumes

  • Utilize networking opportunities effectively

  • Navigate job boards

  • Prepare for job interviews

  • Maintain motivation via one-on-one coaching

We have provided corporate outplacement services and career transition programs for employees during downsizing, layoffs, non-fits, retirement, and spousal relocation assistance.

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