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Recruitment (Direct Hire)

We source qualified candidates from numerous sources, from entry level workers to executives. We work closely with your staff to:

  • Identify the qualifications that will ensure that candidates will perform successfully and be a good cultural fit for your organization

  • Utilize our network of job boards, social media and community partners to identify active and passive candidates

  • Pre-screen all candidates through preliminary interviews

  • Send candidate resumes to you for consideration

  • Allow you to conduct your regular interview and onboarding process


Fee Schedule:

15% of first year’s salary:

  • 30% due after 30 days

  • 30% due after 60 days

  • 40% due after 90 days



Forklift Operator making $17 per hour.

First year’s salary is $31,200 (overtime is not factored into the fee schedule).

  • Amount due after 30 days - $1,404

  • Amount due after 60 days - $1,404

  • Amount due after 90 days - $1,872

  • Total cost - $4,680


Let us know how we can help you!

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